Debra in the News

Debra in the News

This New Author Says ‘Nothing is Wrong’
How the philosophy of Nothing is Wrong can transform your life. Not by ignoring it, or pretending it’s not there; but by understanding it and transforming it.

From Unhappy Divorce Attorney to Happy Spiritual Guru
Recounting how Debra went from an unhappy, unhappy, stressed out divorce attorney who was $50K in debt and 40 pounds overweight… to happy, blessed with financial abundance, down to her ideal weight (in 5 weeks – without dieting!) and doing the work of who her dreams with Sedona Soul Adventures.

Debra appears on the Extraordinary Women Radio with Kami Guildner - August 20, 2020

Home Business Magazine

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Kristen Gill, CBS and MSN contributor

Arizona Health & Living, page 54

KTVK “Holiday Gifts” on their site

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Debra featured on “Good Morning Arizona” talking about her book and Sedona Soul Adventures.

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